Dear married man-You are ruining the perfect image of my future husband

Fun fact: married men who have their wives or whole family (nuclear family) as their social media profile pictures are the worst cheats; well most of them. I cannot begin to tell you the disgust I feel every time one of them is in my inbox professing their undying love, in fact, I throw up a little in my mouth every damn time, arrgghh! See why I still want to come back as a man in the next life; so that I can shamelessly hit on single women while badmouthing my wife and feel zilch about it!

Dear married man, just in case you hit your head on something hard when you fell in lust with me, had a serious concussion and suffered a mini amnesia, let me remind you that you are MARRIED! I am so sorry that you fell but I am sure the concussion is getting better now, so could you please leave me the hell alone! I am also sorry that your ears and in this case your eyes stopped functioning properly when you started getting better because I have continually reminded you that you are married and a respectable family man(I am sure you also forgot that part of being a family man). However, for some weird reason that part also keeps on escaping your mind.

Dear married man, telling me that you have never found yourself wanting to have a side babe because you are a church person, but you wouldn’t mind committing a sin with me this once does not make me feel special. It makes me roll my eyes so hard I just don’t know how I still have them intact. It makes me wonder just how committed are you to your God and your family.

Dear married man, bad mouthing your wife to me because you want to get laid just makes me feel sick! Yo, you made your bed, so could you please get into your jammies and lie on it without complaining. Telling me that she doesn’t shower properly, she’s abusive, she’s gloomy all the darn time and all the flimsy reasons that you give to get laid just make me feel like slapping the BS outta you. How did you get to that part of getting married if she wasn’t neat and jovial as per your standards? Besides, she’s getting gloomy and smells of baby puke because she has to deal with a colicky baby and a hyper toddler all day, but you can’t give a hand because you are shamelessly messaging other women. Don’t you feel an iota of shame though?

Dear married man, I don’t want your ‘listening ear’ because you think I am so lonely and you are the only one who can save me from this boredom. I am very much ok and if I wanted a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on, I have my friends to do that; if they can’t, I have my journal to pour my feelings into. Thanks but no thanks.

Dear married man, I don’t need your compliments to make me feel beautiful. I know I am beautiful and telling me I am beautiful is only confirming what I already know; sorry for my humble bragging J. It is ok to appreciate a God’s creation but don’t use it to try and get laid. Appreciate your wife more J

Dear married man, you are ruining the picture perfect image I have for my future husband. I would like to continue pretending that he will not be as disrespectful as y’all. I would like to pretend that he will not put me and our kids as his profile picture on Facebook or on WhatsApp then go ahead and shamelessly solicit for sex chats and sex on Messenger and the like. I would like to pretend that he will not go telling young single ladies that he is in the process of separation or divorce, so that he can get laid as many times as possible. I would also like to pretend that he will not ‘kill me’ in order to get laid and maybe even sire a baby or two just to show you single lady that he loves you. I would like to continue pretending that he will have his wedding band on all the time and that he will wax lyrical about me to anyone and everyone who cares to listen. Most of all, I would like to continue pretending that he will NEVER have eyes for another!

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Dear married man, I just want to wait for my future husband without disturbance from you, is that too much to ask? I just want to be HAPPILY MARRIED when the time comes, just like you, please stop ruining the perfect image of that perfect marriage, please!

Please start having eyes for your wife and your wife only; betrayal is not a PRETTY THING, not at all! Guard your vows to her like your whole life depends on it; it’s the least you can do.

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Sigh! Aint it funny how unmarried humans have the best advice for married humans?

The best picnic park in Nairobi; Arboretum, Nairobi

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Remember that time when you were young and all you wanted was to go to Nairobi for holidays or whatever else that would make you go to Nairobi? I remember too. I loved Nairobi then and I still do but not as much I did then. I still love Uhuru Park decades down the line; I never get enough of it. I remember how I hated the hills and valleys I’d climb and descend every day on my way to and from school(true story!). There was no escape especially to my primary school where you had to go down one hill and go up one hill for you to get to school. I look back and realize that the involuntary hiking back then might be the reason why I never add weight decades down the line.

Now I look back and wonder how I pay my hard earned cash to go hiking! Or even pay cash to go enjoy a cool breeze, fresh air and butterflies at Arboretum, Nairobi. It just hit me how we are always looking forward to things that are yet to come (I hope I am making sense,lol!) instead of enjoying the moment. The chirping of birds in the morning or in the evening is something I yearn for every morning and not the honking of buses or very annoying motorbikes.

So the other day my bestie and I decided to go to Arboretum Nairobi after church; I almost bailed out at the thought of walking all the way cus it’s quite far. So we passed by a fast food joint and got fries ready to walk, and to walk we walked. I am sure we walked for more than 40 minutes from Nairobi CBD; we didn’t know we could take a Kileleshwa  matatu(no. 46) from Odeon terminus. To make the matters worse we took the longer route (the route Lavington folks use) instead of the usual one (State House road). In short, Nairobi Arboretum has two gates aka entrances.

Image result for nairobi arboretum

At some point I almost sat down in the middle of the road cus I was too hungry not to mention too tired. That walk was enough exercise to last me a whole week! We had asked for directions and when we walked for too long we thought we were misdirected, we almost went back only to meet the ones who had directed us and they told us they were also going there.

We got there and paid Kshs. 50 entrance fee; it has to be paid via MPESA paybill since they don’t handle cash. We couldn’t wait to get to the park, sit and enjoy our almost cold fries,haha!

Arboretum was started in 1907 by the then Conservator of forests Mr. Battiscombe as a site for exotic trees. This is because Kenya Railways depended on wood to power the trains and the trees were getting depleted real fast! So, this site was meant to be a safe place for the exotic and indigenous trees and shrubs incase they all got cut.

Arboretum was gazetted as protected Forest reserves in 1932; it is managed by the Kenya Forest Service. It hosts 300+ species of indigenous and exotic trees not to mention over 100 species of birds, monkeys and butterflies.

Charges in Kshs.

  • Kids- 20
  • Adults-50
  • Photography (professional Camera)-1,000
  • Videography (Professional camera)-2,500
  • Ground hire-50,000







Birthday Weekend at The Lord Erroll

Happy new month y’all..

So, a girl turned a year older the other day; on June 1st to be precise and if I say I have learnt to much the past one year, it might sound cliché from here to high heavens. They say you should strive to learn something from every situation and moreso learn something new every day. Every day I look back and literally ask myself what I have accomplished and however small it is; I always make sure I part myself on the back for it. Don’t worry though; I aint planning to bore you with the details of what I have learned in the past one year.

Y’all know I aint a birthday party person especially if it is my birthday but I always make sure to do something nice for yours truly cus self-love is the most important love ya know J. So, when the royal wedding was happening and The Lord Erroll was hosting a high tea party cum wedding watching, my girl Shi and I had an aha moment and thought we could make it my special treat for turning a year older. It’s quite an achievement to turn a year older these days ya know; with all the water accidents, stray bullets, irate spouses, huge national debts and stuff, be thankful for each day you wake up and go to bed alright.

To tell you the truth, I haven’t been so excited about anything in the near past and my every waking moment was spent looking forward to the day. My sister in-law had gifted me a dress that wouldn’t fit her cus it was too big for her; it was also too big for me and I needed it fixed so that it could fit me. Sometimes being small bodied comes at a price but hey; I aint complaining. We had bought fascinators cus being extra is our hobby, haha! Unfortunately, we couldn’t find gloves to finish the look but now that we look back, that extra extra wouldn’t have looked good ya know. It would have reeked shagmodoz vibes from here to kingdom comes.

I kept reminding Shi to make a reservation at The Lord Erroll for us cus if she would have forgotten I wouldn’t have forgiven her; the way her amnesia is set up, eeh, let’s not even talk about it. Yeah, you have to make a reservation atleast 12 hours prior. Tea is served between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. but outta excitement and stuff, we showed up 30 minutes earlier and we took the 30 minutes or so to take photos and stuff before the tea was served. Also, there’s no public transport, you have to take a taxi if you don’t have a car to get you there (it is Runda we are talking about, so yeah).

The portions (pastries) are quite generous and you can take as much tea or coffee but you can only take too much of it you know. I don’t know if its cus we’ve been having wheaty stuff all week as our snacks but let’s just day I took enough wheat (pastries) to last me a whole year, haha! I’m planning to ditch wheat for the next few weeks cus eeer, I just cant stand it now.

They say you should use money to get used to it (tumia pesa ikuzoee); I could get used to the ambience at The Lord Erroll. There’s just something about the calmness, the green plants, the small water ponds, the small fountain at the reception and the friendly staff that can make you forget all your troubles, LOL! I haven’t said so many ‘thank yous’ in such a long time he he. At some point they placed napkins on our laps and as Shi put it a few days later, she almost asked whether the extra service and politeness was going to cost us some extra money. In an era where good service is almost becoming rare, their service was quite baffling if I may say so. I am looking forward to going there one more time just to soak in the awesomeness.

Did I also say, we asked the manager to take a few photos of us and he was glad to do it? Yes, he was all glad to do it and although the lighting was kinda off, he took some awesome shots. However, I was just awkward with photos on this particular day and eeer, mine didn’t come out nicely. All the same; they are just meant for my eyes to show my grandkids that I used to have a life back then, haha! I wonder what apps they will have discovered by the time I am using a walking stick; I think we have seen pretty much everything in terms technology.

I guess I am getting rusty with my grammar; my writing hiatus is not doing me any good. Please bear with any grammatical errors you might encounter here.

Have a productive month

For Geminis, its a birthday month, so I am still celebrating until the month ends

PS: This post was supposed to go live 2 weeks ago; see my life





Maroon and red bordering orange color blocking

Do you know putting an effort to look good elevates your mood and your self-esteem goes a notch higher? I thought you should know. The other day I realized I have not been putting an effort to look good. Lately I have been a little demotivated with stuff as much as I have been reading and listening to motivational stuff. I have also learnt something; unless you put in the work in thinking positively, no amount of motivational material will make your situation better. You just have to listen or read and actually practice what you grasped from whatever your mind was consuming.

In the last one or two weeks I started putting an effort to putting on a little make-up and I am always proud of the results. I have never been a make-up person and no this statement is not meant to make me look special; I just have never been bothered but thanks to YouTube, I can now fix my own eyebrows, well almost.  I have these very bad dark rings around my eyes that I cant seem to shake off cus I try to get enough sleep every day; they just won’t go away. Well to be honest, I haven’t been bothered to try anything to ‘treat’ them. I have a live aloe vera plant on my balcony but I cant be bothered to apply the juice never mind I religiously water the said plant; apparently it helps to remove the dark rings. I also bought some coconut oil that apparently helps to keep ‘em dark rings at bay but I wont be bothered to apply some when going to bed. Clearly, I haven’t put in any effort to help my face.

So the other day, I wanted a photoshoot for my birthday cus birthdays come once a year and I asked my friend if they know an awesome photographer and she just happened to know the right guy. Initially I wanted a ‘studio’ photoshoot but she recommended an outdoors one and I thought, why not?

We met the photographers 2 hours after the arranged time cus we cant keep time to save our necks; we almost bailed out. I am a thrift shopper and I had carried my three thrifted outfits and a cute maroon dress that my friend got me in UK. I paired the dress with red-bordering orange heels that I put on with almost everything else in my closet, Lord I need more shoes in my closet!

This was quite a bold move cus I have always thought maroon and red bordering orange( I seriously do not know what color this pair of shoes is) don’t go together but well, color blocking be our saving grace he he. I also had this very cute black fascinator that gave the look a totally different vibe.

When the photos were delivered I just could not get enough of myself! The feel good hormones were having a field day and I thought to myself, damn girl, you could be feeling this good every day but you won’t be bothered to put in a little effort.

So I have made a little promise to myself, that I will make an effort to look good. I don’t have to be in heels every day cus they can be quite overwhelming but I’ll make an effort to look presentable and like I gave two hoots about my look. I am ashamed to say that I never plan my work outfits for the next day. I just wake up and pick the one that does not need ironing; so long as I aint naked or in torn clothes, I am good to go; it’s a new month (a new year for me-birthday and stuff) and I’m about to change that. Have a look and let me know what you think J



Flower your life with flowered pants

Sooooo, I went thrift shopping sometimes early this year and got myself these flowered pants. I thought I’d wear them to work as a dress down Fridays outfit but I ended up making them my church pants because awesome is an understatement!

I still wear them to work once in a blue moon but they are better worn on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

I bought a lime green blazer to pair with ’em pants but turns out my color blindness was working overtime cus there’s no lime green on these pants,haha! So I have a lime green blazer in my closet that I am yet to wear because, it needs to be fixed a little so that it can fit me. The one reason that’s keeping me from wearing my lime green blazer is  my laziness; I just have a weakness of taking my clothes to be fixed. I have more dresses that need to be fixed but I just never get the time to take them to a fundi, Sigh!

I was lucky enough to get me a blue blazer that I have been wearing with everything and anything cus its just so versatile(I have always wanted to use versatile on my articles :-D). I pair it(the blue blazer) with my black pants and skirts, my yellow dress, my white dresses, my red dress and now my flowered pants; even this one  ‘goes’ well with the blue blazer….

I paired with with some cream vest but i guess a white vest works better and black stilletos

What are you doing about domestic violence as an individual?

Image result for domestic violence in black community

It is exactly 1:15 a.m. in the wee hours of a Monday morning and no I am not insomniac; I have my days though but it is a once in a while kinda thing. So, why am up this very late or very early in the morning depending on how you look at the situation? So, someone tried meeting their Maker this evening but I have a feeling January still wants her here cus we are all in this Njaaanuary misery together. Why would anyone want to die in such a painful manner you ask?   I am glad you asked; they had a fight with le hubby and she thought the best way to get back at him is by committing suicide. So, they were fighting from the bedroom of course and the heat became too much so they decided to take it to the back balcony. After the final punch, nigga goes back to the bedroom and the missus decides to hang herself.

What I don’t understand is how or where she got the rope to hang herself or she had been harboring suicidal thoughts all along and she waited for the perfect moment to execute her perfect plan. Unfortunately the universe had better plans cus someone saw her just in the nick of time and called for help and who better to come for help than le hubby himself. Out of panic he just cut the rope without a second thought and the missus came tumbling down from the second floor to a hard verandah where passersby helped to remove the rope from her neck and rushed her to the hospital.

This happened too fast and I only got the full information waaaaaay after she had been rushed to the hospital. However, I had heard the whole commotion though all along I thought I was dreaming cus I had taken some tablets ( a girl been nursing a mild flu and these tablets are sleep inducing) . Then again, I thought they were muggers and she got caught up in the mayhem since I heard her say,  “Mwangi nitoe kamba” (“Mwangi please remove the rope from my neck”)after a loud scream. I am one very angry person right now because I am supposed to be seated at my desk at work at 8 in the morning and I am here jotting this down because, insomnia happened. Had those people not messed up my sleep I would not be here writing this trying to beg sleep to come.

Someone joked that getting married nowadays is like driving past the Salgaa blackspot cus it is anytime you meet your Maker. We all laughed at the not so funny joke but this is very true; if people are not committing suicide from marital frustrations, le husbands or the wives are killing them in cold blood. Every new day there’s a case of a husband killing his wife or a husband killing the whole family and then committing suicide. And this is just a scratch on the surface since the ones we see on TV or read from the newspapers are the few cases that get media coverage. What about those ones that happen in the middle of Shomakhokho (sp) or in the interiors of Turkana County and no one came forward to report or bring it to the media’s attention?

The saddest thing is that we have normalized this whole thing; we just rant on Facebook for a few days or Twitter typing RIP and later go back to our lives like sh*t didn’t go down.  Not a day passes without a domestic violence case being reported or being aired on TV or Radio; if you ask me, the situation is getting out of hand. The fast we get the situation sorted, the better because the number of children being left orphaned is increasing.  I mean orphaned cus, when one parent kills the other and the remaining parent ends up in jail for murder, aren’t those kids practically orphans cus none of their parents is in their lives? Let us not even talk about the resulting emotional damage in the poor kids. Let us not even talk about how the poor kids will end up in cruel hands of relatives and when poop hits the fan and they cant take it anymore, they end up in streets being muggers and all sorts of nuisance to the society and later maybe felled by a bullet.

Out of all this I have concluded that most people are frustrated with life and what better way to deal with their frustration than to mete it on their spouses. It is too bad that the children and the rest of the extended family are caught up in the mayhem.

So, what are you doing about the situation? Most of us will just sit comfortably in our office chairs or wherever it is that you work and blame the victim for days on end on why they didn’t run when the spouse started emotional abuse. But have you been to Kilimani mums lately or have you been on these Facebook streets and read how most humans will blame the victim? Y’all ask stupid questions about what they did to deserve such a beating or why the husband arranged for her to be raped and later her body doused in acid? Others say she was a mpango wa kando and she deserved it cus she’s a home wrecker and all sorts of BS that irk me from here to kingdom comes. Other people will urge the woman to stay on since he was a first time offender and the good book says we should forgive and blah blah blah….

Lest y’all forget, not a day passes without someone attacking single mothers (calms your titties, this is not about single mums only) and how they cannot keep a man. Those single mothers you are out there bad mouthing loved themselves and the lives of their kids more than they loved the idea of marriage. They loved their sanity more than the title Mrs. I am still single and hoping to get married someday but this Salgaa joke is starting to get me scared cuss h*t is true! Knowing that there’s only a very thin line between love and hate and life and death makes me wanna spend the rest of my life loving my son and I.

You get married to a psycho you are doomed, you choose to remain single for sanity’s sake, you cant live in peace courtesy of married humans who think marriage is the alpha and omega of this life. THERE’S JUST NO WINNING IN THIS LIFE!  So, where was I? I was saying, the society still considers one a failure if they cant sustain a marriage and this is especially blamed on women. It is even sadder that it is women who keep slut shaming fellow women for not sticking in an abusive relationship. The man is always a saint in most women’s eyes and it must be le wife who was a problem in the said relationship.

If y’all cant stand each other, what is easier, walking away or receiving daily death threats? Or watching your kids slowly get emotionally damaged every time y’all throwing punches and cooking pans in the house. Y’all need to choose your lives as opposed to a silly title that might cost you your life and that of your kids; you can live without the said spouse cus you were still living even before they became a part of your life. Forget the marriage vows, heaven will understand; I am sure that is why you have wisdom to know when to walk away and when to stick around.

If it is not working why don’t you just walk away before it is too late? Don’t listen to those saying marriage needs patience and tolerance, I don’t know kuvumilia when the said person keeps on saying they will kill you one day. As much as the good book says love is tolerant, I don’t believe in ‘treating’ black eyes cus someone made me their punching bag or washing my pillow cases daily from daily tears, hell nah! There’s better to life than daily tears from a person who’s not even related to you by blood.

Y’all need to love yourselves, something we never get to grasp. When you love yourself so much, you will find it hard to put up with some of these things. And I know y’all rolling your eyes saying I should get married first then I can talk about marriage. I have been on this earth long enough to know things I can never put up with and the ones I can tolerate. They say when you know your value, you will learn to treat yourself better and demand better treatment from others; men and women. We all know even women are not saints and they have also driven their husbands to their death plunges.

So, know what works for you and what you can’t put up with. Also, before you put that rope around your neck because a your spouse said or did 1,2,3 things, have you thought about how your kids will live after you are dead. Before you pull that trigger or throw that punch that will send them to their Maker, have you thought about your kids? Of course you didn’t, cus y’all too selfish to think about others (story for another day).

What is the church doing about domestic violence nowadays?  What are you doing as a church group leader? Do people still attend pre-marital classes organized by churches? As a church leader, do you arrange for marriage seminars every now and then? Do you have a marriage counselor in church where troubled couples can walk in without the fear or exorbitant charges they might need to fork out? Are you turning away single parents away cus they are not a complete family?

Does your school turn away kids from single parent homes cus they don’t come from a complete family and they might ‘infect’ the other with whatever? What are you doing as an individual about domestic violence? Just sitting there bad mouthing your neighbor and making sure they know how much of a failure they are cus they cant keep their marriage together? What are you doing as the married person in that violent relationship? Do you have a hand in enabling it continue by staying on hoping they will change?

What are doing as a law enforcement officer when someone reports a domestic violence case? Do you make fun of their misery? Do you accept bribes from the abuser so that you can release them? Do you issue P3 forms as fast as possible or do you first ask for a bribe before you can issue it? What are you doing as a doctor treating the domestic violence victim? Do you accept bribes from the abuser to get them off the hook by writing what they want you to write? You know by doing that you are enabling the abuser to continue doing it, right?

As a parent, when your daughter comes back to your house after a series of abuses, do you make them feel like a failure? Do you make them feel like a burden to you? Did you push them to get married to that person cus they were monied and your selfish needs came before the needs of your child. Do you keep accepting bribes from your son-in-law every time your daughter comes home after being abused and you still allow her to go back to the slaughter house she calls a marriage?  Do you listen to your in-laws more than you listen to your child? Do you keep telling your daughter to put up since you also put up with it and you are still alive as they can see?

What are the Women Reps doing about domestic violence, women MPs, women leaders at large? The rate at which things are escalating, domestic violence should be declared a national disaster or there should be state of emergency about the same.THIS IS GETTING OUT OF HAND!

What is your contribution in all this domestic violence issue? What are you doing about it? These are the million dollar questions we all need to answer and maybe, just maybe, we will have better homes and an even happier society. I still don’t understand why Uhuru Kenyatta didn’t create a Happiness Ministry and get us a CS for that post. It’d have come in handy now that we are all employing our spouses to make us happy.

Also, this is not how I had imagined my first post of 2018 will be but eeer, somebody gotta put it out there, right? And this post was signed off at 3:15 a.m, I am now sleepy.




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The year is ending in a few days; I don’t know whether I am excited cus I’ll get to write down the same ol’ New Year resolutions or I am disappointed cus my last year’s resolutions never saw the light of day. Wait, did I even have New Year Resolutions? I honestly don’t remember, lame huh?! Anyway, for the longest time, I don’t do New Year resolutions cus let’s face it, consistency and I don’t appear on the same sentence. I struggle so much to do things consistently. Maybe that’s why I am a low-key failure in a lot of things. Anyway, they say you cant do the same thing over and over and keep expecting different results; cliché I now but I am hoping to try something new this coming new year.

I am going to write my goals aka aspirations in a ‘tablet’ aka a dream board and everyday I’ll look at them and see how far I am from achieving the goal. Even the Bible says we should write down our visions; there’s power in putting stuff down on paper. They make take time to happen but they’ll surely happen. Habakkuk 2:2-3 And the Lord answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end—it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay.

In the last few years I have come to learn that it is just not about writing your visions; it all depends with your commitment and your motivation towards the said goal(s). I have printed a few papers that contain something I want to accomplish in the long run but sometimes I look at them and feel nothing. Each of the fours printouts have been placed strategically such that when I am on my bed, I can look up and see one(its placed on the ‘ceiling’), one on the door, one on the wall and one inside my closet. I kid you not, sometimes I don’t see them other times I see them and feel nothing; yet other times I’ll see them and actually think about them but I’ll be too unbothered to do sh*t. So, yes, you can have a goal, put it down on paper and even print out the paper but without self motivation, you will do nothing.

I have also learnt that you don’t have to make a list of your goals/aspirations at the tick of the clock at 11:59 p.m. on that day. You can make them as need arises; when something shifts in your life and you decide, mmhh, I can fly with this one. Don’t limit your mind to making them at the start of the year; you can make them even on November, one month to the end of the year and still accomplish them.  If I told you I had not thought about going up Mt. Longonot at the start of the year, would you believe me? If I told you I had never thought of starting a YouTube channel all my life, would you believe me? If I told you I have never thought about affiliate marketing, would you believe me? Look at me now; with an experience of a lifetime; hiking Mt. Longonot.  Look at me now; with a YouTube Channel and an affiliate blog. They are not where I would love them to be in terms of content because inconsistency happens but I know I am getting there. You get the drift though; just start whenever the bug bites you. The most important thing is for you to get to the end result; it doesn’t matter when you start, what matters is the end result.

The good thing about this life is that every day, every week, every month, every year is a chance to make all the wrongs right. It is a chance to start afresh; easier said than done but for a person who’s still learning the power of positive thinking (read me), the possibilities are endless!

To tell you the truth I have learnt so many things in the last one year and specifically the last half of the year than I have learnt in my entire 30 years. Yes, I know it sounds cliché from here to Timbuktu but the good Lord knows I have gained so much wisdom.

Am I proud of my achievements? Yes of course, duuuuh! Am I mad at self cus I made a whole lot of stupid mistakes? No, cus guess what; I would not have learnt a thing if everything was all smooth. Sigh! This whole post sounds so cliché but every single sentence resonates with my situation right now it is ridiculous!

Image result for beautiful new year wallpapers

Happy New Year! Yes, I know its too early but I just want to be the first to wish you good tidings.




God has your back
A child jumping into their dad’s arms cus he will catch them

I don’t know how to make it sound like a sigh of ‘it’s been quite some time since we were here* but we are back here now. I know I need to up my consistency game cus lets face it, I cant be consistent to save my neck. Anyway, I trust you have been well and I’m going to try and be consistent for the next few weeks even if it is the only thing I’ll accomplish before the year ends. I will try and do two posts per week, so help me God!

So, sometimes back I went for a team building event never mind we don’t work in the same company; it was the first time I met some of those people, well, minus the event organizers. There were many activities but one event got me thinking the other day and it was the inspiration behind this post. We were grouped into three and two people were to stand facing each other while the middle one would have their back to one of the two..Does it make sense though   😀 ?

The catch was to have the middle one swing back and forth; completely letting themselves go hoping the person behind or the person in front would catch them lest they fall. The other catch was to have your eyes closed, your hands across your chest and not move your foot in front to act as a balance; just let yourself go and the other person will catch you.

I was my turn to be in the middle and no matter how much I tried to let myself go cus I knew the other person would be there to catch me, I just could not. I would either open my eyes or I will put my feet in such a way that I’ll still support myself by the time I am landing in their arms. For starters, this behavior is for a person with trust issues, hahaha! Secondly, this is a person who still wants to be in control even after being assured that there is a person or persons in control.

So the other day I remembered that team building event and I realized how we don’t trust God will work out things for us even after He has assured us over and over again He will not let out feet slip. He has told us over and over again not to be afraid but we will pray and still try to take control over things. We are all human and we will still want to have our hands on stuff just to make sure things go well but maybe its time we let go of our fears. Its time we let God take control and just wait for things to work out cus eventually they will work at some point.

So, trust God and lean not on your own understanding; God has your back, quite literally! Just surrender and let Him work out things for you. You prayed in faith that things will work out, just trust that your prayers were heard and at His appointed time, things will definitely work out.

It’s time to take my own advice cus I worry too much!

Cheers to Flowered Pants

How many times have you told yourself or anyone who cares to listen that you cant do A,B,C,D because of 1,2,3 reasons? How many times has that self limiting belief lost you a couple of life changing chances? A lot, right?

So, for the longest time I keep telling myself I cant wear multicolored pants or even skirts and what has that belief got me? Over 10 pairs of black pants and other dull colors like brown. Let’s not even get started on how I don’t have even one flowered dress. Lets not even talk about how I just recently started buying colored tops; my colors were black, brown and navy blue; never mind I tell everyone who cares to listen of how my favorite color is baby blue. Lets not even talk about of how I only have three baby blue outfits in my closet.

You must be thinking this is one weirdo of a lady. I had started believing in that weirdness until a friend’s flowered pants couldn’t fit her and her being almost the same size as yours truly, the flowered pants ended up in my closet. Initially I had bought a top that would perfectly match with that flowered pants and its like the good Lord had directed me to buy that top, hahaha!

It however took me almost 2 months to put on that outfit cus I had reasons from here to kingdom comes as to why I could not put it on. For starters, I thought it was too flowered and too screaming for a ‘work’ outfit. Secondly, that Sunday that I purpose to put it on, I just don’t have the energy to strut in heels and that is how I end up in another outfit. I have put on an outfit two times in a week because of that shoes excuse, yeup! I kid you not!

So this last Sunday I purposed come rain come shine, I must put on this outfit! And that’s how I could not get enough of myself the whole day!

So, be open to change and ideas; you never know what you are missing out in these streets cus you cant put on a yellow and white polka dotted top.

Just for the record, everything in this look is thrifted J

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Here’s your’s truly 🙂


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