A dark night…

As soon as he opened the gate, he knew something was awfully wrong. The compound looked deserted, the house was dark and the noise that would meet him from the gate was not there either. He even dreaded walking towards the house but he wanted to know what the hell was going on. He walked slowly as if he was tiptoeing, with his eyes darting from side to side as if it would help the situation, forget the fact that the moon was not that bright.  Only the sound of crickets could be heard and the wind breeze as it swayed the trees in his compound……

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How do I make my life lively?

Have you ever been in a point where you felt like your life is so boring and you wanted to escape to God knows where? That is the point I am in at the moment..This routine of waking up, showering, going to work, working the whole day, back to the house and the routine continues..Its boring to say the least…You can imagine at times I have to extend some hours at work just to kill the boredom..And the worst thing is that walking to work and back home is a tedious affair…There is nothing to enjoy, what with all the dust, you feel like you are taking a walk in Kalahari Desert…By the time you are getting to and from work, you are dusty like from here to kingdom comes…


And the worst thing is going back to your house and there is no one to talk…You are not so conversant with the neighbors and even if you are, you just dont fit in…I know what am supposed to do but the drive to do it is just at zero…..Anyway, I hope to take up a new hobby because watching TV is not healthy according to our health experts….

Never say never! I had always swore that I wouldnt be caught dead working and living in some of these places, look where I am now….I am not going to quit my job but I hope God’s grace will be sufficient to see me through…This is one of those places where you wake up and feel like asking your Maker to make you disappear into an exotic island never to come back..

I have learnt a few things that will make your life and mine more exciting..Lets try taking up some new hobbies…Sometimes reading a good book can take away the boredom…You can borrow books from your friends and if they dont have, you can download some materials from the internet and have them printed so that you can read whenever you need to..I have “Why Men love bitches” in soft copy and i hope to have it keep me busy for some time…

I want to start having some trips, visiting friends and just going for that coffee once in a while.I will start inviting friends for coffee instead of waiting for them to invite me…I am not such a good cook so inviting friends over will not be such a good idea…I hate doing dishes too and you  know what will happen once you invite friends over, piles and piles of dishes to do……

I have already changed my hairstyle, it used to be long but now I am spotting a bob cut and so far so good..I have given out  a big pile of my clothes and the remaining I will give out soon so that I can get a new wardrobe…

Start cooking your favorite dishes and learn how to make new dishes…Try out new recipes and once in a while when you feel psyched up, invite your friends over for that cake….

And if you are single like me, mingle and mingle even more..And the married ones, involve your hubbies and your wives in your new plans and you will see how sweet life can be….



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Making love on the clouds

I want to do this in my next life, no, before i meet my maker. I dont see this happening in the near future though but lets just fantasize, we all do. This is one of those dare devil moments and I am sure some of us would rather not do it even if it was to be our  last one. That feeling of floating in the air while you are still floating on your way to heaven, its would just be heavenly to say the least…

Visualize yourself in an air balloon up there having one of those moments and ice cream melting in all the right places. At the crack of dawn and those lovely rays when the sun is rising in the morning. I would give anything to have it. Or on the top of Mt.Kenya as you watch the sun come up behind the snow-capped mountain. And it had better not be just banging, it better be those slow motion sort of things you see in the movies…..Where lovers reach heaven and back when they are still here on earth. Those slow motion movements that make you tear at the corner of your eyes, when you want to hold on to him for the rest of your life. When you want to have his heart beating in yours so that you can listen to his beats as you walk around… Ooohh, the joys of being in love, his perfume smells so great that you want to soak your clothes in it. You can recognize it from a mile away.

You knew the perfume before you met him but now it smells better and different. The smell of his skin is the best thing in your life..oohh, the sweetness of love… I want to make love someday on the beach, yes! In the evening when the sun is setting, wen it is just the two of us in that beach…. Where do u want to make love in your next life…

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Life is what you make it


ImageI am that kinda of a lady who thinks that life is what you make it. Make it hard and you will surely see how hard it can be. All manner of hardships come your way from right, left and center. I also have those moments when I make my life hard in one way or the other but at the end of the day, I make sure I look at the situation from the positive side of it.

And yes!!!!, Reading your bible as many times as possible, it helps all the time,all the time

I might not make sense at that particular time but reflecting on those words after the dust has settled, you will realize why we are on earth and God is in heaven


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