Birthday Weekend at The Lord Erroll

Happy new month y’all..

So, a girl turned a year older the other day; on June 1st to be precise and if I say I have learnt to much the past one year, it might sound cliché from here to high heavens. They say you should strive to learn something from every situation and moreso learn something new every day. Every day I look back and literally ask myself what I have accomplished and however small it is; I always make sure I part myself on the back for it. Don’t worry though; I aint planning to bore you with the details of what I have learned in the past one year.

Y’all know I aint a birthday party person especially if it is my birthday but I always make sure to do something nice for yours truly cus self-love is the most important love ya know J. So, when the royal wedding was happening and The Lord Erroll was hosting a high tea party cum wedding watching, my girl Shi and I had an aha moment and thought we could make it my special treat for turning a year older. It’s quite an achievement to turn a year older these days ya know; with all the water accidents, stray bullets, irate spouses, huge national debts and stuff, be thankful for each day you wake up and go to bed alright.

To tell you the truth, I haven’t been so excited about anything in the near past and my every waking moment was spent looking forward to the day. My sister in-law had gifted me a dress that wouldn’t fit her cus it was too big for her; it was also too big for me and I needed it fixed so that it could fit me. Sometimes being small bodied comes at a price but hey; I aint complaining. We had bought fascinators cus being extra is our hobby, haha! Unfortunately, we couldn’t find gloves to finish the look but now that we look back, that extra extra wouldn’t have looked good ya know. It would have reeked shagmodoz vibes from here to kingdom comes.

I kept reminding Shi to make a reservation at The Lord Erroll for us cus if she would have forgotten I wouldn’t have forgiven her; the way her amnesia is set up, eeh, let’s not even talk about it. Yeah, you have to make a reservation atleast 12 hours prior. Tea is served between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. but outta excitement and stuff, we showed up 30 minutes earlier and we took the 30 minutes or so to take photos and stuff before the tea was served. Also, there’s no public transport, you have to take a taxi if you don’t have a car to get you there (it is Runda we are talking about, so yeah).

The portions (pastries) are quite generous and you can take as much tea or coffee but you can only take too much of it you know. I don’t know if its cus we’ve been having wheaty stuff all week as our snacks but let’s just day I took enough wheat (pastries) to last me a whole year, haha! I’m planning to ditch wheat for the next few weeks cus eeer, I just cant stand it now.

They say you should use money to get used to it (tumia pesa ikuzoee); I could get used to the ambience at The Lord Erroll. There’s just something about the calmness, the green plants, the small water ponds, the small fountain at the reception and the friendly staff that can make you forget all your troubles, LOL! I haven’t said so many ‘thank yous’ in such a long time he he. At some point they placed napkins on our laps and as Shi put it a few days later, she almost asked whether the extra service and politeness was going to cost us some extra money. In an era where good service is almost becoming rare, their service was quite baffling if I may say so. I am looking forward to going there one more time just to soak in the awesomeness.

Did I also say, we asked the manager to take a few photos of us and he was glad to do it? Yes, he was all glad to do it and although the lighting was kinda off, he took some awesome shots. However, I was just awkward with photos on this particular day and eeer, mine didn’t come out nicely. All the same; they are just meant for my eyes to show my grandkids that I used to have a life back then, haha! I wonder what apps they will have discovered by the time I am using a walking stick; I think we have seen pretty much everything in terms technology.

I guess I am getting rusty with my grammar; my writing hiatus is not doing me any good. Please bear with any grammatical errors you might encounter here.

Have a productive month

For Geminis, its a birthday month, so I am still celebrating until the month ends

PS: This post was supposed to go live 2 weeks ago; see my life





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