BTL centre- Ruiru

There’s a bible study I attend on Tuesdays at Central Police between 6 and 7.30 p.m and the members planned a party for all the BS members.  I didnt have anything important to do on this particular Sunday other than bumming in the house, and I decided,why not.  Fast forward to Sunday morning, I prepared and off to the pick point. I had to brave rain for a whole 20 minutes before I got to the pick point, then the bus took ages to get there. And all the while I couldnt help but think how I should have been in bed under my duvet..

We were allowed to invite someone for company’s sake and Shi *chuckles* was the lucky one. So we waited for the bus, braving the rain and the cold, the contact person’s phone was on and off and it was starting to get frustrating. At some point I bought a pair of socks cus my feet were freezing. The church bus came and off to Ruiru BTL(Bible Translation and Literacy)BTL Centre Ruiru. This is ‘an organisation’ that deals with Bible Translation from English to Mother tongue’s for Kenyan communities..It helps in reaching the distant communities with God’s word in a language they can understand. Its focus is on the less resourced groups in Kenya that have low levels of literacy, poor developed infrastructures as well as harsh climatic conditions. It also works with the partners that share the same vision of reducing poverty and illiteracy in the country.

It also conducts adult literacy classes in these communities, runs economic empowerment programs as well as creating and implementing HIV/AIDs awareness in these affected communities. Their main aim is to help the affected communities to deal with HIV as well as putting down measures on how to prevent it.  Its some 25 to 30km  from Nairobi and it borders the (in)famous Tatu city. You can also access it from Kiambu on your way to Ruiru.

BTL is a Christian Conference centre and its a good venue for seminars, family/church picnics, wedding receptions and honeymoons. There’s free strong wifi such that you can access it even from the ‘garden’, some of these dishes are prepared as you wait, no alcoholic drinks though. There’s is a good playground for kids, swimming pool and nice serene environment for photo-shoot. Unfortunately due to the weather, our outdoor games that we had planned, we had to shelf them for later. If you want an outta town experience but  close to the city, this is just the place….



Pssst! It was cold and muddy 😀



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