Flower your life with flowered pants

Sooooo, I went thrift shopping sometimes early this year and got myself these flowered pants. I thought I’d wear them to work as a dress down Fridays outfit but I ended up making them my church pants because awesome is an understatement!

I still wear them to work once in a blue moon but they are better worn on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

I bought a lime green blazer to pair with ’em pants but turns out my color blindness was working overtime cus there’s no lime green on these pants,haha! So I have a lime green blazer in my closet that I am yet to wear because, it needs to be fixed a little so that it can fit me. The one reason that’s keeping me from wearing my lime green blazer is  my laziness; I just have a weakness of taking my clothes to be fixed. I have more dresses that need to be fixed but I just never get the time to take them to a fundi, Sigh!

I was lucky enough to get me a blue blazer that I have been wearing with everything and anything cus its just so versatile(I have always wanted to use versatile on my articles :-D). I pair it(the blue blazer) with my black pants and skirts, my yellow dress, my white dresses, my red dress and now my flowered pants; even this one  ‘goes’ well with the blue blazer….

I paired with with some cream vest but i guess a white vest works better and black stilletos

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