Of Kitty Wails and ‘Mad men’

Why do cats wail like human babies? There were these two cats in our compound in the wee hours of morning and I would have sworn they were babies…For a moment I had started thinking the mother of these twins should be a very heavy sleeper, then it hit me , there are no young twins. And all this was happening at 4.00 a.m in the morning, dont ask me what i was doing then..These kitty wails woke me up and disrupted my morning sleep…If I had a way I would have beaten the heat outta them.


Turns outta such wails are a way of female cats calling for male cats to satisfy their needs..if you know what I mean. The male cat bites the female cat on the neck as the ‘business’ starts..Of course the biting is painful and thats why this female kitty wails. Again when the male is ‘coming out’, its kinda painful for the female and this explains the wailing.. Are there specific names for female and male cats or its just the way I have put it?


This morning I met a ‘mad man’ as I was going to work and he was holding a stone ready to strike. He asked me where I lived and I was this close to being rude but then I remembered he has a stone that might hit my face so hard and I pointed to the direction that I was coming from..He let me pass and said sorry for bothering me..I said ‘mad man’ because he looked like he was high on something that was illegal even in Mexico…He was shoe-less, his zip was halfway done and he was clutching on the trouser like his life depended on it. I wonder where people get the energy to binge on a Sunday…

Did you know cat lovers have websites specifically for cats and they even have modelling for cats? Now you know…

More kitty stories are underway 🙂


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You Cant Stand Under My Umbrella

Ever got pissed off with a person and you gave them a serious black out, but they didn’t know you had blacklisted them in your life? I once did, well, I always do and sometimes I think it’s kinda childish. It’s like taking poison and waiting for your enemy to die. The truth is, you are the one who dies inside slowly and painfully cus the other person will never know what is going on. We all know how slow people can get when it comes to reading hints. They can take eons; while some are genuinely slow in reading hints, others just want to annoy you more and watch while you get consumed with fury and all.

That aside, yesterday as I was waiting to get into the matatu, it started raining and I had to get my umbrella out to cover my hair. I don’t care if I get wet anywhere else but my hair should never and I mean never, get wet unless there will be a visit to the salonist on that day. It rained for a few minutes and some guy behind me came and sheltered under my umbrella. He doesn’t say hi, he just comes and stands there. I smile, a friendly smile, but the rudeness in him couldn’t tell him to smile back and I am like dude, come on! You just can’t shelter under my brolly and not even a smile from you, whatever happened to courtesy. I play along for the next few minutes and after a whole ten minutes when the rain stops is when he starts a small talk about how matatus will be charging higher rates now that it has rained.

We get inside the bus and we go to our separate seats, but not even a thank you comes from him. And then it hit me how we take small things for granted. He he he,I am not trying to, you know act like a God’s gift to him at that particular moment, but what happened to saying thank you even for the minutest of things. What happened to smiling back when someone smiles at you? It’s really rude when someone smiles at you and you continue looking at them like nothing happened. Dang, if I smiled at a person and they assumed my smile I would turn navy blue with embarrassment. That’s like being told off in not so many words. Don’t ask me how I am still dark complexioned after yesterday’s smiling mishap. I was tensed cus time was running out and with Nairobi’s traffic, you can never estimate your arrival time. So, that’s how I survived the embarrassment 😀

It’s the lack of courtesy that has got our roads so messy in terms of traffic cus no one wants to give way. It’s me, myself and I. I hope when I finally buy me a Subaru, the drivers with big buses will have learnt some courtesy and they will have stopped bullying drivers with smaller vehicles. I shudder every time I imagine being sandwiched between two buses. I am always eager to get my car, but then again, I imagine how chaotic these roads can be and I want to continue using PSV some more. I once saw a lady driver stall in the middle of the road after being bullied by two buses on a hill just before you get to Pangani. She let go off the steering wheel and threw her hands in the air I frustration. You can bet your last coin she had a very bad day on that day. I get pissed off when the driver keeps braking and throwing you off your seats once in a while. I hate to imagine how she felt.

I am hoping PSV drivers will acquire some patience soon and stop hogging the roads like it belongs to them. I am hoping there will be stringent traffic laws to curb road rage and most of all; I am hoping corruption will end someday (talk about waiting for a camel to go through a needle hole).

Today’s rant is about those people who sit in the bus like they are sitting on their sofa. Too comfortable at the expense of others, it irks me from here to the moon and back. Those who dig their elbows into someone’s ribs as they look for fares; the thunder that will strike you is still doing sit-ups.  Those who place their heavy weight on you as they sit and after they sit, may you be hit by lighting when Elnino finally starts. Those who chew so loudly washing your face with saliva as they blow the gum, hell is preparing to receive you. Same as those who talk so loudly on the phone disturbing the peace of the rest, firewood or whatever that will burn you in hell is still being dried. How did I forget those who sit by the window eating fries and all and not even open the window? Chocking the rest with food smells, it’s already hot and stuffy inside the bus. You keep adding other smells, and you won’t open the windows for fresh air, the devil is watching you ha ha ha!.  Small courtesy goes a long way, I am sure it doesn’t hurt to be courteous.

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Willingness to learn and try new things is important in your life

It doesnt make sense to ask God to give you direction and you aint willing to move your feet. All success stories and breakthroughs are comprised of human effort and God’s divine power. God will never do anything for you if he has already given you the wisdom and the strength to do it. Just like it happened with the Israelites, God gave them manna but the manna didnt fall inside their tents; they had to put an effort of going out and collecting their day’s fill. God wants to bless you but you have to wake up every morning and work; the rest will find you out there as you work.

If you want God to give you a child, you have to be ready to endure the nine months of carrying another life inside you and the painful end of giving birth. If you want a virtuous wife or a loving a husband, you have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone. You have to be willing to let go of the past and open your heart to love and be loved. You also need to invest time, emotions and any other resource to make the relationship work; let go of a few friends and some family members who are not supporting you.

marilyn monroe

Just because it comes from God doesnt mean you will have it easy. You have to walk through rivers, deserts, if need be you will have to cross oceans and sea just to get it. God promised Israelites the land of Canaan but they had to fight fierce battles just to get to the promised land. God has already said yes but dont expect it to fall on your lap without you needing to put up a fight. Once it has been claimed in prayers, you must wake up and do anything humanly possible to get what you have been praying for; leave the rest to God, He will take care of the rest.

Just like fish dont have to withstand the principle of floatation and birds dont have to withstand the law of gravity; everyone is born to win their battles in life. This is regardless of the obstacles that come our way. Whoever has been born of God will overcome the world.

Two birds dont collide in the sky; this means that there is enough space for everyone.

birds dont collide

You dont have to bring down someone so that you can rise to their position. Just because you have pulled them down doesnt mean you will get their position. There is enough space and resources for everyone; do your part and leave the rest to God.

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Our Destiny

We create our destiny based on the choices we make everyday. Make it a habit of evaluating your choices before making that firm decision; it will have an impact on you and those around you. Let your decisions have a powerful and a positive impact on others.

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