My maiden mountain hike-Mt. Longonot hike was awesome!


Three weeks ago I made a rather hard decision;that of going Mt. Longonot with Kenyan adventures. Yeah, I know I am making it sound like it’s a hike up Mt. Everest. It’s such an achievement for a person who generally hates getting tired and moreso from walking. I am not lazy just so you know; I just like taking breathers before I even get tired. A few days prior to the hike I almost gave up cus I had been postponing my physical exercises until it was the last day of getting my body physically ready. Come the D-day and I almost got late cus I cant keep time to save my neck. I woke up early although I don’t think waking up some minutes to 6 was early enough for someone who drags her whole self when it comes to getting ready for anything.  So, I leave the house at 6.30 a.m and the meeting time was supposed to be at 7.00 a.m, I take some minutes to get to the bus stop and that gives me 20 minutes to get to town. Bad idea! I get to the bus stop and a 54 seater bus has like 10 people, at 6.52 a.m the bus is still half full.  All the while I am trying to keep my nerves in check lest I start shaking because of God knows why. It is 7.00 a.m and the bus leaves for town; looking at the hiking’s whatsapp group( Kenyan Adventures on Facebook)  and all I can see is people asking where the bus is parked and I knew my goose was cooked.

Maiden Hike youtube video

Just like a typical Kenyan, I send a text to say I am almost getting there never mind I am not even halfway. The guy does not even text back and I hoped against hope that I’ll still find them there. Good luck I got to town at 7.15 a.m and I alighted from the bus and started running across the street like a crazy person. Eeeh, some touts told me to run even faster as if they knew where I was going. Luckily, on Sundays Nairobi is almost like a deserted desert, so there were no distractions of bumping into humans or people looking at you like you just stepped from the space.

I get to where the bus was parked after asking for directions cus when my nerves are on edge I cant think clearly. Have you ever been in such a situation where you’ve heard of a certain building and you’ve even passed there a few minutes but when you are not in your normal self you cant even remember the direction? Shock, shock, shock, the bus is half full, some got there and went to shop for snacks others had not arrived and to think I was worried sick that I might be left got me thinking why I was even worried. I mean most of us are African timers and when one says 7 a.m they might as well mean 7.30 a.m. I sit there sipping my tea (strong tea) that I had made in the house and never had time to take it. I don’t know what I’ll ever do to get time to do breakfast. Moving on swiftly, we wait for the late comers and since I didn’t have time to do my shopping for snacks as a result of bad time planning, I sit there and hoped we’ll be provided for with snacks. The good Lord heard my prayers though cus less than hour after our journey started, we got our snacks hahahahahaha! I mean we had paid for these snacks. Each row was to share the large pack of crisps and each row had a maximum of 4 people, some had three people though. For some weird reason the pack of crisps ended up on my laps after doing its round. So I ended up taking more than I should. Same thing happened when were coming back. The crisps pack ended up on my laps the darn time; in fact I took home the remaining crisps. Let us just say I took enough junk to last me a whole year; crisps, soda, biscuits, sweets, the whole works.

The beauty of Mt. Longonot
The beauty of Mt. Longonot

We used the Mai-Mahiu road where we took some time enjoying the great rift valley escarpment although there was not much to enjoy cus the weather was not all that. Those who wanted to take breakfast did although I wasn’t interested as such. I thought I’d buy a soda but being the miser I am, I decided I cant buy a soda or even any other drink at a 100 bob almost double the price in the normal shops. Even the water bottle ( half a litre) we buy at 20 or 30 shillings was going for 75 shillings, imagine that! So, when going on such trips, don’t be like me, prepare adequately.

Fast forward and we are at Mt. Longonot National Park. We did some stretching to prepare the body for this much awaited hike.. Eeeeh, lets just say  the preparation didn’t help me in anyway cus I started getting tired even before I walked for 1km. For a person who cant take a six floor staircase without complaining, for a person who spends 8 hour of her life sitting in the office, 6 days per week, this was torture. I started questioning my life’s choices and why I paid to come and torture my body. I had already started and going back was not an option; I mean I am just starting to build on the “NO QUITTER” kind of life and I hope to keep the fire burning. So, the whole group slowly divided itself into three groups the first/(fast) group, the second( slightly fast) group and the third (slow) group. I was in the second group and my mates wont let me be left behind lest I went back. I soldiered on and made it to the first resting point after taking some very steep stairs, yes there are staircases on that terrain otherwise we’d have crawled on all falls to get up there. So, we found the first group there already and after taking water, licking on some glucose we continued with our hike. Did I say there was a lady who showed up with wedge open shoes? I kid you not! And we thought she had a pair to change into, shock on us when she said she was ok with her high heeled shoes. Surprisingly she finished the hike before the rest of us; she was among the first group and even when we got back to the bus she didn’t look like she’d just been run over by a truck like your’s truly.

We are halfway the terrain and we found some whites from the land of opportunities (U.S of A) on the same mission as us- that of going up Mt.Longonot. Some were coming down hill while others were just a few metres ahead of us. It got me thinking, people come from continents away to come see/and hike while we are just here being too lazy to enjoy the beauty of our country. Anyway, with 8 to 5 jobs, 6 days a week, who has the time to do hikes and the what nots? Besides, there are better things to do with that money and torturing our bodies in the name of adventure is not one of them. So, this lady, Madison from the land of Trump and her friends kept on sliding and falling at times but they soldiered on. At some point, she mentioned her main goal this year was to lose weight and trust me hiking can make you lose weight. I wonder what other mountain she is hoping to conquer as the year progresses.

At the top of Mt. Longonot, some 2560 metres above sea level

At the top of Mt. Longonot
At the top of Mt. Longonot

So, we all make it to the top and everyone was happy with their achievements. Getting to the top is approximately 3kms or so but being a rough terrain, you might think it was 10kms. Take pictures at the top, eat or is it lick glucose then continue with the 7.2 kms walk around the crater rim. I thank God for some nice chap that helped me carry my backpack that had my water and some girl’s (Maurine). Shout outs to Lee who helped a girl to carry her backpack and held her hand when the going got tough!  Let me shock you; there is a chap whose hustle is to sell watermelons and pineapples up there. I kid you not!  He takes his wares up there every damn morning and goes back downhill every evening. That kind of determination is what I need in my life. A piece of watermelon that we buy at Kshs. 20 in the normal streets/market goes for Kshs. 50 while a piece of pineapple goes for Kshs.80. By the time you are getting up there, you can even buy the piece of watermelon at Kshs. 100 cus your energy is so spent you might find yourself collapsing. Those fruits taste heavenly and they are so darn cold like they have just come from a fridge; just the right temperature at the right time to cool your body.


Round the rim of Mt. Longonot crater hike/walk if you like

After conquering the first part, you would like to conquer the second one, and as I said, I’m trying to denounce the QUITTER’S LIFE.  I follow my group since the first group is already steps or hills ahead. It’s all fun and games until we need to walk on all fours to keep our balance and not slide backwards; one misstep and you might find yourself tumbling down the crater( the inside part where only a chopper can get you) or outside the crater rims and end up on God knows where. It’s a hurdle after hurdle, taking pictures as we take breathers; the breathers came in handy cus the altitude was taking a toll on us. When we were almost getting to the highest point( the crater rims’ highest point) it starts drizzling and I ask one of my crew members (shout out to Charlo) to give me his cap to keep my hair dry. We have hurry to the resting point (the highest point of Mt.Longonot called Kilele Ngamia-2870 metres) before the soil becomes slippery and stuff. We get there and it rains heavily and the raindrops were almost getting painful, whats  with the ice cold winds up there. I even thought I’d come down with a flu.  My shirt is already so wet, my fingers are already swollen and I’m almost crying but big girls don’t cry, hahahhaha! I console myself cus there’s a girl who cant see properly without her glasses; we all know they get blurry when it rains and she had to rely on her friend for directions and stuff.

Check out the experience at Olkaria Geothermal spa


At some point I removed my shirt and remained with the spaghetti top cus I figured the wet shirt was making me colder. We are halfway our journey and some white guy with a famous football team’s t-shirt comes running and bypasses us; I’m left wondering where he got the energy from. My newly found friend figured he could be an athlete and I wondered if he came all the way from wherever to come and train in Kenya or if he was holidaying and decided to go up the mountain. Some two boys bypassed us and they were running. It hit me its either age is catching up with me (of course it is, who am I kidding J ) or I am just a lazy bum. I mean how can they be running when I can barely put one foot before the other?

Maiden trip Youtube Video

Fast forward, we are back to the starting point at the top of the crater after much struggle. The crisps that always ended up on my laps came in handy cus we badly needed that energy. Getting down hill was not any easier. In fact, at some point I had to be literally dragged cus I thought my legs would cave in. I was the last person to get down there and the guide was getting worked up that I was keeping him from getting downhill fast. When we got to a safer place he let go off my hand and as soon as he left me, my legs could not hold me any longer and I fell on my bum. I sat there feeling sorry for my a** quite literally as I held back tears. I found my group after some time; I guess they were waiting for me and bless this soul who carried me a few steps to a flatter ground when my legs almost caved in.

The end

And it’s a wrap! I finished my hike, which was quite an achievement. That cliché; run, walk or crawl so long as you get there  had never made more sense in my life! I made it to the bus looking like a dying soul. Had my lunch at some minutes to 5 or is it 6 p.m cus I cant remember well. It comprised of a burger and a packet of milk. I took a few bites of those uncooked veggies they put there and wondered how people stomach raw veggies.  I am done with my lunch and I try to drift to sleep but I guess when you are uber tired you cant sleep. Even my eyes were tired, I kid you not! Its back to Nairoberry where I almost lost my phone to some two chaps who were trying some small talk with me; one was keeping the conversation going while the other was busy with my back pack’s zipper. My paranoia came in handy though.

I am back to my house and all I want is to hit the bed and ‘listen’ to my body. It is on a Monday morning and my whole body feels like its been run over by a truck. I spend the whole day in bed finishing my junk food cus I can’t even fix lunch for myself. Monday is over and I am wondering how I will sail through the week with a sore body, work and stuff; God help me.

It is Tuesday and I have been cussing like a sailor from the moment I woke up. Walking is a nightmare; I am waddling like a pregnant penguin. This week should end already!

Lessons learnt;

  • Exercise enough before taking on a hike
  • Prepare well with snacks and stuff the day before to avoid running like a headless chicken
  • Keep your phones and valuables in the innermost pockets where a pick pocket will have to wrestle you before they get them
  • Keep your radars high when strangers want to engage you with small talks in the streets
  • Get your body massaged after a hike

Next activity; zip lining J…. Stay tuned J

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Olkaria Geothermal spa in Olkaria(Naivasha)


The hot spring on the background..the other one is the cooling lagoon

The other weekend I decided to see the Rift Valley side of our country and guess where I ended up….Olkaria Geothermal Spa in Naivasha. We almost bailed out on the plan due to one reason or the other but we decided, heck, YOLO! Olkaria Geothermal Spa is located inside the (in)famous Hell’s Gate and since there are one too many gates, you need to know exactly which one you should use to avoid getting lost.

When using personal means and you are from Naivasha town, drive towards the Oserian. Just before you get to Oserian, there is a road that goes directly to KenGen power plant. If you are using PSV, pick Oserian Matatus from Naivasha town and get dropped at Olkaria stage(Fare ranges between Kshs. 80 to 100. From there, get a motorbike and it’ll drop you right at the KWS entrance; depending on how well you can bargain, this should cost Kshs 50 to 100. At the KWS gate, these are the rates(per person)

  • Kenyan adults – Ksh. 350
  • Kenyan children – Ksh. 250
  • Resident foreigners adults – Ksh. 700
  • Resident foreigners children – Ksh. 350
  • Non-resident foreigners adults – USD 30
  • Non-resident foreigners children – USD 20

Once you are inside the park, you can ask for a tour guide to take you round or if you just wanted the Spa experience, go directly to the office and pay for swimming. You can swim for whatever time you want but the pool is closed at 6 p.m. The Spa is owned by KenGen which means they charge differently. Below are the Spa charges;

  • Kenyan adults – Ksh. 400
  • Kenyan children – Ksh. 100
  • KenGen staff – Ksh. 200
  • Group for students (under 18) – Ksh. 100
  • Grounds hiring – Ksh. 40,000
  • Resident foreigners adults – Ksh. 1,000
  • Resident foreigners children – Ksh. 500
  • Non-resident foreigners adults – Ksh. 1,800
  • Non-resident foreigners children – Ksh. 850
  • Towel – Ksh. 200

The pool is typically a heated swimming pool other than the water comes from the natural springs. In fact, Olkaria Geothermal Spa happens to be the largest natural spa in Africa; this makes KenGen the first company to make good use of the geothermal power other than generating power. There are no artificial additives in the pool and that is why the water looks whitish cus of the natural minerals and all. I happened to taste the water and it tasted like tea with salt instead of tea leaves; its salty. The water is brought into the pool by pipes but it’s allowed to cool first before it is released to the pool. There’s the hot spring itself where the hot water comes and the cooling lagoon which no one is allowed to go near.  If you swim near the water entry point, you’ll notice the difference in temperature. It’s hotter at the entry point; almost to the point of scalding the skin. Technicians are always on call to check the temperatures.

look at the ‘island’ in the middle of the pool


Also, check out Mt.Longonot Hike

Other things you need to know

  • You can enjoy the breathtaking scenery as you swim in the hot water. Monkeys or it baboons can be seen near the pool and the guards have to keep watch lest people are harassed. So when there, make sure your belongings are safe to avoid mishaps with the primates.
  • Make sure you have your identification documents especially for the KWS gate to avoid inconveniences.
  • Make sure you have your sunscreen in place; I’m still nursing sunburns from that place
  • Make sure you have warmer clothes for the evening or afternoon cus it’ll most likely rain in the afternoon.
  • You can carry your food or snacks or you can order food from there. The least expensive food goes for Kshs. 500. We had the most sumptuous pork with fries at Kshs.500 per plate.
  • Drive carefully cus you might meet wildlife on your way to and from Olkaria
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Nanyuki Sports Club trip


Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a rut? You know, your daily routine becomes painfully boring and you find that sometimes you are losing track on what you are doing. Or worse still you keep on making mistakes when you are working. Just like when you got tired while revising for an exam and you kept reading the same line 3 times and you didn’t grasp a thing. That was me last weekend; I could not concentrate at work and when Kamwana announced there would be a holiday on Monday, elated would not even describe what I felt. I badly needed a break and the good Lord heard a girl’s prayer. I was to take a break at some point anyway but that would have meant eating up my leave days which is not part of the plan if I can avoid it. Some people would say I just woke up and I decided to travel; it had been a plan all along its just that I was still looking for the perfect date.

On Saturday afternoon I took a Mathree to Nanyuki. I had taken the best seat, just close to the window, close to the driver to minimize bump shocks and all. I was to read a book I had carried just in case I got bored along the way. Let’s just say the book didn’t get out of my bag. I was too carried away into my thoughts read the book. The driver and the two people who sat with him were also too entertaining to get bored. What’s with the stories ranging from young men being ‘kept’ older women and the like. At some point one of them alighted and it was just the two of them; the stories continued and the journey was all good. Seated next to me was a man who kept on making calls so loudly you would think he was quarrelling the person on the other end. That was quite alright with me cus the driver and the other person were keeping me entertained. The entertainment was short lived when we got to Sagana and most of you know there’s a market of some sort. The vehicle was stopped for people to make whatever purchases, stretch, get something to eat You would think we were going to Mombasa or somewhere just as far. I sat put as people bought and sold and all hell broke loose when the buying and selling was all over.

This my neighbor discovered they speak the same language with the person next to him on the other side. And that was the start of my predicament. It’s ok for people to talk but it’s not ok to talk loudly and in a language you can’t understand. It’s bad manners to eavesdrop on people’s conversations but eeer, sometimes we just can’t help it. I mean you can’t stuff your ears with cotton wool or something close to that. I have a problem with people who talk so loudly in the morning especially when I’m going to work. My friends think I’m always cranky in the morning. I just hate noise especially in the morning, never mind sometimes the matatu’s radio is so loud. I mean where do they get the energy to talk that early? Can you imagine they talked nonstop from Sagana until I alighted? And this was amid phone calls; I could not help pitying his family members who have to endure his ‘quarellling’ everyday of their lives. I wondered how he quarrels people if his normal way of talking can be termed as quarelling.

So, one minute I am all angry and pissed at this guy cus he can’t talk like normal people and the next minute I am biting my lower people trying to stifle a laughter cus of the driver and the co-driver. I have heard poverty stories over and over again but there was something about their stories. They were just hilarious in a funnier way. For the better part of the journey, it was the driver who was talking and the other person contributed here and there. It was mostly about jiggers; the art of removing them and making sure they didn’t return to the same spot. Y’all know jiggers are associated with poverty and poor hygiene. But what made it even funnier is his description; you know there’s a way two people can be describing the same thing but one will come out funnier. His most torturous scenario was going to school after jiggers had been removed the previous night. There was a specific wild fruit that they used to apply to make sure the bugs didn’t attack again which was as painful as hell. When it was play time and they had to play football on the grass and he had no shoes on was just as bad. Then he would hit the ball with his ‘wounded’ foot and he would wince in pain thus forcing him to sit and watch as the others played. I’m sure y’all have heard this story over and over again; I wonder why people have to glorify poverty in the name of motivating others. I got to my aunt’s house with the mother of all headaches partly from all the noise and hunger pangs from hell. My metabolism rate is quite something else.

Its Sunday and I’m up early to go to church; I still don’t know how I sat for the sermon for a whole four hours although we sang in between. After the church we go to get a bite before heading home. And guess where we ended up; Nanyuki Sports Club. There was a rugby game that I didn’t know about until the said Saturday. So had I been a rugby fan, I would have hit two birds with the same stone; unwinding while watching the game. Unfortunately, I am not a sports person.sports nanyuki club.jpg

If you are looking for a venue to host an event, a day out with friends or family or a place to play golf, Nanyuki Sports club is the place to be.  Maybe I should suggest the place to my boss for team building manenos although I have a feeling he has been there a number of times. You can opt to be a member which, comes with a few privileges like free entry when there are games and some other events. There’s also temporary membership which starts at Kshs.500 per person depending on the event. There are also rooms for guests and they come in hut shapes. I didn’t get to go into any of them, but I bet they are just as good.

We sit and ask for a drink before we make our order. The waiter brings us club soda in a mug that resembles (I mean the size) the jugs in Karumaindo pubs and the like. Let’s just say that this particular club soda is the most divine drink I have ever taken.  My aunt wont tell me what else was in it but it was just divine; there were pieces of lemon, water melon and pineapples in the drink. I had to sip mdogo mdogo to just savour it. Then came the most delicious fish I have ever eaten; not too spicy and not too bland. Just the right taste; it came with fries and any vegetables toppings that tickled your taste buds. I opted for greens cus I don’t like kachumbari as such; it leaves my mouth feeling dry and my taste buds all messed up.img_20160911_141049

I thought marabous are only found in Nairobi, shock shock; these birds can be quite unsightly especially their necks (that part of the neck that hangs out). Me thinks the food ends up there and when its full, its starts going to the stomach, tihihihi. Another thought is, that part of their necks could be their gizzard. They are so big they can snatch your food right from your table without straining much.

Check out Olkaria Geothermal spa


Nanyuki Sports Club is quite vast in terms of open land and when there are no games, there’s enough space for kids to run around and still not get to the end. For golf lovers, this is one of the best golf courses. For people hoping/trying to keep fit, there is a fully functional gym with instructors, the field is quite big for jogging and there’s a swimming pool.nanyuki-sports-club-2

The best part of the Nanyuki sports club is that you get to view Mt. Kenya. I have lived in Nanyuki for quite some time and Mt.Kenya is better viewed early in the morning; the peaks (ice and all) are quite conspicuous and glorious does not even start to describe it. I’m still planning to go up there one day; its still one of my things to accomplish. However, it can get quite cold, so make sure you are warmly dressed for evenings. I guess that’s where I got a flu I am nursing. For pictureholics like your’s truly and Shi, there are lots of places to take pictures. I have been using my phone to take pictures, but I’ll get a nice camera soon. Eeeeeer, I am planning to join e ‘em fashion bloggers too; I guess I have come of age in fashion manenos. Be the judge though Jimg_20160911_174758


See Mt.Kenya on the background

Mt. Longonot Hike





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Pay your dues! Go to The Coast!


I’ve lived in South Coast for a while and I’ve always suspected that that is where God rests his feet; what with all the pristine sand, the palm trees, the breeze, the divine orange sunset and of course the turquoise blue ocean. This suspicion became even rifer last weekend. When Ms. Pweety asked me to accompany her to the coast, Mombasa o be precise. The first question that I fired was, ‘who’s sponsoring?’See, I consider myself a Ms. Independent but you know, the Lord works in mysterious ways and I thought some brethren from Narnia had been used as a vessel to sponsor our trip to that land where God rests his feet, the Coast. My bubble was a tad busted when I realized that I was supposed to be my own sponsor and all. And I’m not allergic to freebies.

I was a tad hesitant but you know, it was Ms. Pweety’s birthday week plus it doesn’t take much to convince me to indulge in hedonism, the cost notwithstanding. I’m what financial analysts call a frivolous spender and no, I’m not Oprah rich or something. On the contrary, I live on a shoe-string budget but I happen to have this caviar taste with a K. I digress. Fast Forward, we get to the coast and all my senses come alive…like I’m approaching the throne of wellness….the fountain Zen. Even a cold that had tried to attack me the previous day was all gone in a flash. After catching a little sleep, freshening up and slipping into some really skimpy clothing, our overly kind host mentioned the magical words that I had been waiting for, ‘Let’s go to the beach…’


Nyali Beach, Mombasa

I might need an entire page to discuss how the sunset felt like a script scribed by a quill right from heaven! Like that orange horizon is the creator’s notepad! I’m already nostalgic at the thought…but that’s just me, I appreciate the small things in life.


Sunset in Tudor, Mombasa

I should mention that I am a photo junkie. I’m happiest when I’m behind or in front of a camera. My photography skills have been praised and I suspect all these people cannot be wrong and I started to snap everything and anything that I came across. Thankfully, I was in the right company. They did not condescend upon me due to this obsessive behavior of mine of snapping even the trivial stuff.  And boy did I flick away!!


Our ride to and from the beach…

The night life in Mombasa is almost non-existent. The roads are quite deserted as early as 10 pm. This is quite the opposite of Nairobi. Back in the capital, life begins from 10pm and by midnight, there’s literally human traffic in the streets. We went to the club to catch 1 for the road and jiggle wobble a little because y’know, a vacation is not complete until you’ve tasted their brew and danced to their music. One thing though, Mombasa ladies know how to dress for a night out. They literally dress for the occasion. They understand that the club is not the prime place to showcase your latest pair of flat plastic shoes, hoodie and jeans. I like that!


Mombasa town by the night…

In closing….

So here is the thing earthlings, if you ever sat by yourself, wedged your chin between your thumb and the index finger wondering how to thank Mother Nature for according us such a beautiful country, do head down to the coast. While there, lie on the pristine beach, close your eyes and listen to the beautiful waves of the ocean!!Only that way can you fully pay your dues.


Guest Blogger; the (in)famous Shi…

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BTL centre- Ruiru

There’s a bible study I attend on Tuesdays at Central Police between 6 and 7.30 p.m and the members planned a party for all the BS members.  I didnt have anything important to do on this particular Sunday other than bumming in the house, and I decided,why not.  Fast forward to Sunday morning, I prepared and off to the pick point. I had to brave rain for a whole 20 minutes before I got to the pick point, then the bus took ages to get there. And all the while I couldnt help but think how I should have been in bed under my duvet..

We were allowed to invite someone for company’s sake and Shi *chuckles* was the lucky one. So we waited for the bus, braving the rain and the cold, the contact person’s phone was on and off and it was starting to get frustrating. At some point I bought a pair of socks cus my feet were freezing. The church bus came and off to Ruiru BTL(Bible Translation and Literacy)BTL Centre Ruiru. This is ‘an organisation’ that deals with Bible Translation from English to Mother tongue’s for Kenyan communities..It helps in reaching the distant communities with God’s word in a language they can understand. Its focus is on the less resourced groups in Kenya that have low levels of literacy, poor developed infrastructures as well as harsh climatic conditions. It also works with the partners that share the same vision of reducing poverty and illiteracy in the country.

It also conducts adult literacy classes in these communities, runs economic empowerment programs as well as creating and implementing HIV/AIDs awareness in these affected communities. Their main aim is to help the affected communities to deal with HIV as well as putting down measures on how to prevent it.  Its some 25 to 30km  from Nairobi and it borders the (in)famous Tatu city. You can also access it from Kiambu on your way to Ruiru.

BTL is a Christian Conference centre and its a good venue for seminars, family/church picnics, wedding receptions and honeymoons. There’s free strong wifi such that you can access it even from the ‘garden’, some of these dishes are prepared as you wait, no alcoholic drinks though. There’s is a good playground for kids, swimming pool and nice serene environment for photo-shoot. Unfortunately due to the weather, our outdoor games that we had planned, we had to shelf them for later. If you want an outta town experience but  close to the city, this is just the place….



Pssst! It was cold and muddy 😀



A visit to Olkaria Geothermal spa in Naivasha




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