Heaven manenos

If we make it to heaven at the end of time, life will great!!! There will be no hustle of prepping food and doing dishes, we’ll just be scooping honey from the rivers and on our way back, we’ll be plucking fruits from all the trees..It will be raining milk and we’ll just be standing in the rain with our cups waiting for them to fill and while at it we’ll be licking the one that will be dripping from our faces….Too bad for your’s truly cus she has lactose intolerance 🙁

Once milk rain is over we will be going to the rivers that actually have clear water and well swim with the fish as they nibble on our toes and the rest of the body as a way of massaging us. We’ll be lying in the green pastures to dry, as we bask in the sunset.

Every evening it will be dancing time and thereafter it will be sleeping time. And we’ll live happily ever after…


Forgive before they apologize

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