How to be the other woman

So, the other day I stumbled on a video of two girls and according to the comments, one of the girls had ‘snatched’ the boyfriend of the other. So, they were fighting and for some weird reason I watched the video to the end something I normally don’t do. The ‘snatcher’ had braids and the other one had short hair so it was easy for her to overpower the snatcher cus she’d drag her on the floor by her hair. Y’all know how painful that can get. Let’s not even imagine the braids could have been freshly done, Issapainmygirls


At some point the snatcher was stabbed on her thighs with a pair of scissors that had been to cut her hair, Lord! The things I’ll see on this internet. So, it got me thinking, if I was that man these girls were fighting over and my girl stabbed or did evil things to the other girl, maaan, I would dump her like yesterday! For starters, that is a person capable of stabbing you in your sleep if you so much uttered another girl’s name. That’s a dangerous person, a person that won’t feel anything butchering you in cold blood and continue sleeping like nothing happened. Such are the kind that scald their husbands in their sleep and leave them for dead or those people from you know where (those that destroy the family jewels). That is not love, it is obsession and y’all know an obsessed psycho is worse than a wounded lion.


I might be one of those nice girls that finish the last but I’d never lift a finger to fight another woman cus he snatched my man. For starters, a man is never snatched; I mean, he is not a purse or a handbag or just something that can be wriggled out of your hand. The ‘snatchee’ agreed to get into the trap with his eyes wide open and at some point he might have told the snatcher that he is single. What do you do if he swears by his mother that he is single? Si you fall for him. Anyway, that is not reason enough to fall for a married, engaged or a dating man. Women have a 6th sense, cliché or not and if your gut tells you he’s hooked somewhere else, trust your instincts, he sure is hooked. In such a case, engage your Sherlock Holmes skills and dig every little detail you can get your hands on. This is not about nabbing that man in his shenanigans ; it is about how to be the other woman if you decide to go down that route;

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  1. Make sure your hair is short at all times in case the missus gets hold of you. Also, never wear dangling earring especially loops incase the missus shows up unexpectedly and you don’t have time to remove them.


  1. Make sure you are stronger than the missus just in case a fight ensues. You can’t be on the wrong and still not have the energy to defend you, pick a struggle girl!


  1. Never make your presence known to the missus. Don’t text or call the missus with an intention of taunting her. Maybe she even knows you exist and she’s strategizing on how to deal with the both of you. So, lie low like an envelope. You decided to put asunder what God has put together, live with the insignificance and live in the shadows like it was meant to be.


  1. In case the missus gets hold of your a** and you think fighting back is the best option, think twice. For starters, if you are the tiny type like yours truly, run for dear life; you cant win that battle. If there’s no way of running away and of course she’s overpowering you, just play dead and trust me she’ll leave alone cus she’ll think you are unconscious or even dead. Fighting back will only get yo a** whooped a proper one and you’ll be left feeling like a tractor run you over.
  2. Make sure there’s something unique about you and thats why the man wants you and not her. You cant be basic and expect me(missus)  not to feel wounded. Even if you are a few extras, it’ll still hurt but it’ll hurt more if you are just basic.
  3. Make sure you are not friends with the missus; the betrayal is even worse if you are friends or acquaintances


As for the missus;

Let them know that you know what they are up to. Then sit back and strategize on how to deal with them. Beating her up or scalding her shouldn’t be some of the strategies though; be smart. Besides, how many women will you fight in the name of protecting your man? ME: I love myself too much, that might man might as well fight for me by zipping up, emotionally or otherwise. In case you are wondering, there’s physical and emotional cheating or even both; story for another day.


Have a cheat free week 😉


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