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I have always told everyone who cares to listen of how I want to become a man-Raila Odinga in my next life. Well, that keeps changing depending on the circumstances at hand. Why do I want to become a man in my next life? There are so many reasons if I start listing them now I might take the rest of this post just explaining. One thing that stands out though is the fact that men get away with a lot of shenanigans and well; I could get away with some of them. A few things however make me re-think my wish; one of them being how a man can woo a girl for eons and every darn time he gets rejected he tries harder. Me: I cant put up with that sh*t for whatever reason. If that person has already told you in not so many words they don’t want you in their life, why do you feel the need to try a third and a fourth time? Call me a quitter but I love myself too much; rejection aint my cuppa

Anyway, we are talking about the just concluded elections. Yes, I know you are already rolling your eyes so hard cus you wanna put elections in the past. However, before your eyes see the part where your hair follicles start, lets try and learn a few things from Raila Amollo Odinga or rather the Odingas. For starters, Raila is my latest role model; not like I have many of them. Do I even have role models? Story for another day.  Anyway, Raila Odinga was in politics even before some of you knew how to clean their noses. Yes, he’s been in politics for more that 30 years. A kid was born; they grew up, schooled, graduated, got a job, and got married and now they have a baby or babies of their own and Raila is still in politics. I am not going to dwell on the gory details of his wins and his losses cus we all know them; however, we have a few lessons we can learn from him.


Let’s start by saying consistency is something the good Lord denied me when I was being created. I can’t be consistent to safe my neck. You know the way you are supposed to do something for at least 21 days to see results, if I do it for more than three days; I pat myself on the back. Thanks heavens for my fast metabolism otherwise this eating clean and keeping fit won’t cut it for me. I’d be looking like a baby hippo all the darn time. Anywho, matters Raila Odinga; he’s been consistently vied for a political seat every time there’s an election regardless of whether he’ll win or not. Even when all odds show that he’s headed for a loss, he still goes for it. As I said, my quitter self would have given up on the third time; I just don’t know how to take rejection. That consistency is what some of us lack and I guess I am the biggest culprit. We try the first and the second time and if we fail in both times, we hang our boots. They say the last key is the one that opens the door; well, I guess that’s why I have been out there more often than not cus I try two or three keys and call it quits.


Quitting is a word that does not appear in Raila’s dictionary. He has tried his hands on presidency for three times and he has lost on all three of them. Never did it occur to him that since he has lost twice, maybe he should have quit on the third one. Regardless of all the ridicule and supposed injustices that came his way, he still soldiered on and every time he was sure he’d clinch it. Well, lets just say we all need to have Raila Odinga as our spirit man or is it spirit animal. His resilience is something we should all admire.

However, and I know I am contradicting myself; it is good to know when to quit; to save yourself the humiliation, to re-strategize, to come up with something new. He just doesn’t know when to quit!

Need for Change

We all know doing the same thing over and over again and expecting something different is quite unreasonable. Well, he has changed political parties more times than we can count but there’s something about his strategy that doesn’t auger well with his bid for presidency. I don’t know whether it is his choice of political buddies aka advisors or it is his implementation of his party policies that doesn’t favor Raila Odinga, there’s just something that fails him. But if you ask me, his choice of political buddies might have been his greatest undoing. They say if you hang out with eagles you’ll become like them, same as hanging out with chicken (sorry chicken lovers; I love chicken just as much). If the people you hang out with do not seem to be developing in anyway, it is time to call it quits with them.

Spousal support (Ida Odinga)

Marriage is for till death do you apart; but some of y’all wont wait until then. When your spouse needs you the most is when you realize how you had not signed up for it. Ida has been RAOs support since we can remember. She’ll always show up in almost all his public political meetings. Never have we read in the blogs how she left RAO and called him unprintable names like how some of y’all clean your dirty laundry in the public. This woman is the proverbial woman in the good book; she’s ‘the good thing’ RAO found. Embracing her man even when he fails; hugs him and encourages him to try next time. I’d hate to imagine the many times she’s had to be the strength he desperately needed. How she had to go out of her way to make him feel better after all the ridicule and stuff. Raila Odinga might be strong but let’s just say Ida Odinga is stronger. It needs a different kind of strength to be the strength that the other person needs.


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