My birthday week that was


So last weekend I decided to treat myself to a mini-vacay of some sort. I am one of those certified penny pinchers and this was the epitome of self love. I am still pinching myself while looking at the pictures I took at the beach. You see, I was celebrating 3 decades since my Maker decided to bring me into this world, I am not a birthday person; I didn’t grow up with such parties. The teaching old dog new tricks kinda thing just got a new meaning; I have never been held for a birthday party so it would feel awkward if I did hold one. Last year I went to Nakuru for my birthday week; no cakes or anything; just the out of the city kind of experience. I am trying to hold parties for my son to build the culture in him. The best thing about kids is that they are easy to please, just a cake, snacks, his friends, a gift and he’s happy about it.IMG_20160605_165928[1]

Anyway, Friday came and I couldn’t wait to head to Mombasa raha. Selfies here and there inside the bus cus our host was still doubtful. I said our host because my partner in crime Shi *chuckles* was coming with me. Snacks here and there and her being the fast sleeper she left me still trying to catch some sleep. I haven’t plaited my hair in eons and since I had freshly plaited braid, it was quite uncomfortable sleeping on the seat despite having ridden on the first class cabin.  Y’all know how painful the first night after plaiting braids is. I was awake the whole time, tried listening to Kameme, but at some point the frequency changed to Musyi FM. I guess this was immediately after Mlolongo or thereafter. From there the frequencies were just horrendous and I just gave up on radio. I slept on and off amidst painful limbs cus of bad sleeping positions. The person infront of me would lean his seat way too close to my feet and, lets just say my trip wasn’t as fun as I had thought it would be. Fast forward to Mtito Andei’s layover, and I knew my predicament was almost over. Shock shock, it had just started.the road from thereafter is quite bumpy and dusty, small and quite narrow. The driver was quite fast though and some minutes to six we alighted at our pick-up point.We took a tuk tuk that happens to be the taxi of Mombasa. We slept for a few hours, showered, took breakfast and off to the Nyali beach….

Also, check out Mt. Longonot Hike

Being at Mombasa is just the perfect excuse for skimpy dressing. Shorts or is it hot pants and spaghetti tops all in the name of soaking in the sun. Its like we were trying to get a tan never mind we have a permanent tan *chuckles*. Mombasa people can spot watu bara from a mile away because of their dressing. They’ll comment on ‘hilo suruali’ being ‘fupi mno’but that’s just about it..Thanks heaven they are not as evil as some people in this city who undress people cus of their dressing.  I still don’t understand how people down there survive in bui buis that are in pitch black in that heat, Looord!  loved  I am quite foodious but for some weird reason the whole time we were at the beach I never felt the need to munch on anything. I just took small sips of water here and there until some minutes to 5 when we went back to the house to shower and eat.IMG_20160604_180354[1]

Shi is quite hydrophobic and she couldn’t be caught dead inside the water. I on the other hand couldn’t wait to swim in the waves that gathered once in a while. The experience was outta this world but you have to be an expert otherwise you’ll meet your Maker sooner than you think. I aint a good swimmer either but I had a human anchor who I held on to the whole time in the name of swimming. I wanted to try the floater thingy but I was too scared I might be sucked into the ocean once the waves retreated back to the ocean. Did you know whales ejaculate 400 gallons of sperm every damn time they are hitting the sack? Now I know I took in too much of that stuff cus I gulped in a few cups of the ocean water.

The sand that gets into your hair and the rest of the body is quite annoying. I still have sand in my ears and don’t get me wrong, I shower thoroughly. My body is itching like crazy cus of the fine sand or so I thought. Turns out I could have collected sea lice and sand fleas. Sea lice are not like the normal bugs we see, these are microscopic jelly fish that sting swimmers thus causing itching and a rash. Sand fleas are just the normal fleas we see but they reside at the sea/ocean. You might choose to avoid the ocean/sea altogether or you can take precautions to avoid the stings (your homework for today:-D).

picture courtesy of Google

Fast forward to evening and we went out to catch a few drinks. As much as its called Mombasa raha at 11 p.m. the streets were quite deserted save for one or two people. The club was not as populated as it would have been here in Nairobi. As I danced my worries away, I saw a 100 shilling note on the floor but for some weird reason I couldn’t collect it for the fear of the usual. It lay there for quite some time and I was there thinking whether to pick it or not but someone took it. Turns out phone snatchers in Mombasa are quite rare and for once I wished I could live there were it not for too much heat. I loved Mombasa save for the salty water and too much heat, I could live there just to be going to the beach every evening after work if I can help it.

Photo courtesy of Tecno W4
Sunday was a relaxing day and y’all know Mombasa trip aint full without the ferry as much as its quite congested and pick-pockets infested. No taking pictures while on the ferry but just as you know, people don’t follow instructions and we managed to take a few pictures while pretending to text or make calls. Later on Monday I heard that some guys drowned when their car missed the ferry by an inch. I am still shaking at the thought. Booking a bus back was quite a hustle cus all the early buses were all booked and moving from one booking office to the next with makangas/brokers following everywhere is annoying. One followed us to all the offices we went to and it was quite creepy. Next time if I’ll not have afforded to take a flight I’ll book a return bus from Nairobi. And yes, we got back to Nairobi on Monday morning and as usual, my sleep was quite disturbed…I still have sleep back logs that I am hoping to clear by weekend cus I have a birthday party I need to attend on Saturday 😉


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