Pay your dues! Go to The Coast!


I’ve lived in South Coast for a while and I’ve always suspected that that is where God rests his feet; what with all the pristine sand, the palm trees, the breeze, the divine orange sunset and of course the turquoise blue ocean. This suspicion became even rifer last weekend. When Ms. Pweety asked me to accompany her to the coast, Mombasa o be precise. The first question that I fired was, ‘who’s sponsoring?’See, I consider myself a Ms. Independent but you know, the Lord works in mysterious ways and I thought some brethren from Narnia had been used as a vessel to sponsor our trip to that land where God rests his feet, the Coast. My bubble was a tad busted when I realized that I was supposed to be my own sponsor and all. And I’m not allergic to freebies.

I was a tad hesitant but you know, it was Ms. Pweety’s birthday week plus it doesn’t take much to convince me to indulge in hedonism, the cost notwithstanding. I’m what financial analysts call a frivolous spender and no, I’m not Oprah rich or something. On the contrary, I live on a shoe-string budget but I happen to have this caviar taste with a K. I digress. Fast Forward, we get to the coast and all my senses come alive…like I’m approaching the throne of wellness….the fountain Zen. Even a cold that had tried to attack me the previous day was all gone in a flash. After catching a little sleep, freshening up and slipping into some really skimpy clothing, our overly kind host mentioned the magical words that I had been waiting for, ‘Let’s go to the beach…’


Nyali Beach, Mombasa

I might need an entire page to discuss how the sunset felt like a script scribed by a quill right from heaven! Like that orange horizon is the creator’s notepad! I’m already nostalgic at the thought…but that’s just me, I appreciate the small things in life.


Sunset in Tudor, Mombasa

I should mention that I am a photo junkie. I’m happiest when I’m behind or in front of a camera. My photography skills have been praised and I suspect all these people cannot be wrong and I started to snap everything and anything that I came across. Thankfully, I was in the right company. They did not condescend upon me due to this obsessive behavior of mine of snapping even the trivial stuff.  And boy did I flick away!!


Our ride to and from the beach…

The night life in Mombasa is almost non-existent. The roads are quite deserted as early as 10 pm. This is quite the opposite of Nairobi. Back in the capital, life begins from 10pm and by midnight, there’s literally human traffic in the streets. We went to the club to catch 1 for the road and jiggle wobble a little because y’know, a vacation is not complete until you’ve tasted their brew and danced to their music. One thing though, Mombasa ladies know how to dress for a night out. They literally dress for the occasion. They understand that the club is not the prime place to showcase your latest pair of flat plastic shoes, hoodie and jeans. I like that!


Mombasa town by the night…

In closing….

So here is the thing earthlings, if you ever sat by yourself, wedged your chin between your thumb and the index finger wondering how to thank Mother Nature for according us such a beautiful country, do head down to the coast. While there, lie on the pristine beach, close your eyes and listen to the beautiful waves of the ocean!!Only that way can you fully pay your dues.


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