Maroon and red bordering orange color blocking

Do you know putting an effort to look good elevates your mood and your self-esteem goes a notch higher? I thought you should know. The other day I realized I have not been putting an effort to look good. Lately I have been a little demotivated with stuff as much as I have been reading and listening to motivational stuff. I have also learnt something; unless you put in the work in thinking positively, no amount of motivational material will make your situation better. You just have to listen or read and actually practice what you grasped from whatever your mind was consuming.

In the last one or two weeks I started putting an effort to putting on a little make-up and I am always proud of the results. I have never been a make-up person and no this statement is not meant to make me look special; I just have never been bothered but thanks to YouTube, I can now fix my own eyebrows, well almost.  I have these very bad dark rings around my eyes that I cant seem to shake off cus I try to get enough sleep every day; they just won’t go away. Well to be honest, I haven’t been bothered to try anything to ‘treat’ them. I have a live aloe vera plant on my balcony but I cant be bothered to apply the juice never mind I religiously water the said plant; apparently it helps to remove the dark rings. I also bought some coconut oil that apparently helps to keep ‘em dark rings at bay but I wont be bothered to apply some when going to bed. Clearly, I haven’t put in any effort to help my face.

So the other day, I wanted a photoshoot for my birthday cus birthdays come once a year and I asked my friend if they know an awesome photographer and she just happened to know the right guy. Initially I wanted a ‘studio’ photoshoot but she recommended an outdoors one and I thought, why not?

We met the photographers 2 hours after the arranged time cus we cant keep time to save our necks; we almost bailed out. I am a thrift shopper and I had carried my three thrifted outfits and a cute maroon dress that my friend got me in UK. I paired the dress with red-bordering orange heels that I put on with almost everything else in my closet, Lord I need more shoes in my closet!

This was quite a bold move cus I have always thought maroon and red bordering orange( I seriously do not know what color this pair of shoes is) don’t go together but well, color blocking be our saving grace he he. I also had this very cute black fascinator that gave the look a totally different vibe.

When the photos were delivered I just could not get enough of myself! The feel good hormones were having a field day and I thought to myself, damn girl, you could be feeling this good every day but you won’t be bothered to put in a little effort.

So I have made a little promise to myself, that I will make an effort to look good. I don’t have to be in heels every day cus they can be quite overwhelming but I’ll make an effort to look presentable and like I gave two hoots about my look. I am ashamed to say that I never plan my work outfits for the next day. I just wake up and pick the one that does not need ironing; so long as I aint naked or in torn clothes, I am good to go; it’s a new month (a new year for me-birthday and stuff) and I’m about to change that. Have a look and let me know what you think J



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