The best picnic park in Nairobi; Arboretum, Nairobi

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Remember that time when you were young and all you wanted was to go to Nairobi for holidays or whatever else that would make you go to Nairobi? I remember too. I loved Nairobi then and I still do but not as much I did then. I still love Uhuru Park decades down the line; I never get enough of it. I remember how I hated the hills and valleys I’d climb and descend every day on my way to and from school(true story!). There was no escape especially to my primary school where you had to go down one hill and go up one hill for you to get to school. I look back and realize that the involuntary hiking back then might be the reason why I never add weight decades down the line.

Now I look back and wonder how I pay my hard earned cash to go hiking! Or even pay cash to go enjoy a cool breeze, fresh air and butterflies at Arboretum, Nairobi. It just hit me how we are always looking forward to things that are yet to come (I hope I am making sense,lol!) instead of enjoying the moment. The chirping of birds in the morning or in the evening is something I yearn for every morning and not the honking of buses or very annoying motorbikes.

So the other day my bestie and I decided to go to Arboretum Nairobi after church; I almost bailed out at the thought of walking all the way cus it’s quite far. So we passed by a fast food joint and got fries ready to walk, and to walk we walked. I am sure we walked for more than 40 minutes from Nairobi CBD; we didn’t know we could take a Kileleshwa  matatu(no. 46) from Odeon terminus. To make the matters worse we took the longer route (the route Lavington folks use) instead of the usual one (State House road). In short, Nairobi Arboretum has two gates aka entrances.

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At some point I almost sat down in the middle of the road cus I was too hungry not to mention too tired. That walk was enough exercise to last me a whole week! We had asked for directions and when we walked for too long we thought we were misdirected, we almost went back only to meet the ones who had directed us and they told us they were also going there.

We got there and paid Kshs. 50 entrance fee; it has to be paid via MPESA paybill since they don’t handle cash. We couldn’t wait to get to the park, sit and enjoy our almost cold fries,haha!

Arboretum was started in 1907 by the then Conservator of forests Mr. Battiscombe as a site for exotic trees. This is because Kenya Railways depended on wood to power the trains and the trees were getting depleted real fast! So, this site was meant to be a safe place for the exotic and indigenous trees and shrubs incase they all got cut.

Arboretum was gazetted as protected Forest reserves in 1932; it is managed by the Kenya Forest Service. It hosts 300+ species of indigenous and exotic trees not to mention over 100 species of birds, monkeys and butterflies.

Charges in Kshs.

  • Kids- 20
  • Adults-50
  • Photography (professional Camera)-1,000
  • Videography (Professional camera)-2,500
  • Ground hire-50,000







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